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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Film Arts Foundation Class on Digital Distribution & Marketing

The Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco has just released their fall course catalog (it's here in PDF form).

On October 11th, I'm going to be teaching a session on Digital Distribution and Marketing, featuring lots of case studies. I'd be grateful if you'd help spread the word to creative folks you know who are interested in this topic.

Here's the course description:

    Thursday, October 11, 7-10pm

    Once you’ve finished a film or video project, how do you get your work seen by millions, and ideally make some coin in the process? In this workshop, we’ll examine some of the new opportunities (and challenges) the Internet presents to next-gen creatives, whether you’re making short videos, features, or docs What are the on-line options for selling DVDs-on-demand or digital downloads? This workshop will provide constructive answers and case studies and address your specific issues.

    Attendees will receive a free copy of the e-book The Future of Web Video: New Opportunities for Producers,
    Entrepreneurs, Media Companies and Advertisers.

To register: online registration is here, or you can e-mail, or call Film Arts Foundation at (415) 552-8760 x311. It costs $50 for Film Arts members, $115 for everyone else. (A filmmaker-level membership is $65, so for $115 you can take this class and have a one-year membership.)

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