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Monday, September 17, 2007

Didja Know? GreenCine sold to WantedList founders

So this morning I happened to bump into Jonathan Marlow, a long-time exec at GreenCine, the pioneering DVD rental and digital download site. (They started out as a kind of Netflix for indies, art movies, and adult fare.) Marlow is now founder of the start-up Cabinetic (his MySpace profile is here.)

He mentioned rather off-handedly that GreenCine had been sold to the founders of WantedList, a rent-by-mail service for adult movies. (WantedList was featured in Wired back in 2005.) They seem to want to keep the deal quiet, as it hasn't been mentioned on the official GreenCine blog, which David Hudson runs (and which was included with the sale). But a female WantedList employee did blog about moving over from WantedList to GreenCine:

    While they're owned by the same people, they are two seperate companies. So far as one is concerned, the other doesn't exist. Wanted List is the Netflix of porn, and a good sex retail site. It was great doing Wanted List work but it certainly wasn't my passion, and I'm frankly sick of every conversation being dominated by sex or something sex related because that's all the OTHER person (namely males) wants to talk about to see if I've been in something or see if they can get me into something.

    Bottom line is. I'm out of the porn industry, and I'm not sad about it.

Marlow said that the one piece of GreenCine that wasn't sold was the library of digitally-downloadable movies -- which could eventually appear on iTunes or another content marketplace.

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