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Friday, June 01, 2007

From LA Times: 'Advertiser cash flows to indie film projects'

This'll be an interesting read for all you indie filmmakers out there: `Advertiser cash flows to indie film projects: Companies seek a bond with audiences beyond product placement.'

Lorena Muñoz writes:

    In what could be the latest trend in the financing of independent films, Unilever brand Dove has agreed to invest $3 million — about one-fifth of the budget — into "The Women," the first theatrical movie by Diane English, the creative force behind the hit television series "Murphy Brown." Gatorade, the sports drink maker, quietly put up $3 million for the production of "Gracie," a story about a girls soccer team that is coming out this weekend.

    "With low-budget movies you have to have different ways to create marketing efficiencies and leverage your ability to fund them," said Andrew Shue, producer of "Gracie." He said the seed money from Gatorade enabled him to raise an additional $7 million from a hedge fund. "This is absolutely something in the future for these kinds of movies that are smaller budget and under the studio threshold."

    Independent studio Lions Gate has been discussing potential producing partnerships with several corporations.

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