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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jaman added to list of sites that allow you to monetize Internet film and video

The guys at Jaman were kind enough to tell me a bit about how their deals with filmmakers are structured, so I've added them to my list of services that help video creators earn money from their work.

Their revenue sharing model is as follows:

    30% of the gross, paid quarterly to the content owner
    $1.99 rentals (seven day); $4.99 download-to-own
    7-9 yr non-exclusive contract
    Worldwide Internet rights

I've listed them at #10; the list now provides a look at 24 different Internet video services, along with several that are about to launch and also a handful of DVD-on-demand services. I've been using Jaman for the past few days, and have been enjoying the experience: the software works flawlessly so far, and there's some high-quality content in the library. (Plus, they're offering free rentals on many titles, presumably to build up their customer base.)

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  • Hey Scott,

    Bought you book recently and am enjoying it, but I guess it's a bit of a moving target, so appreciate the updated info like today. Even plugged your book on my blog ( yesterday. Keep up the good work!


    By Blogger Who Dat?, at 7:18 PM  

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