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Friday, March 02, 2007

YouTube working with smaller content providers

From today's NY Times: 'Google Courts Small YouTube Deals, and Very Soon, a Larger One.' Miguel Helft writes:

    ...[M]ost of YouTube’s licensing deals have been done quietly. It says it has firmed up more than 1,000 partnerships with content owners ranging from the Sundance Channel to small independent video producers.

    Without specifying how many of those deals have been signed since their site was acquired by Google last fall, YouTube officials say they are adding more than 200 media partners a quarter.

    “We are creating channels on YouTube for each of these content owners,” said Jordan Hoffner, the head of premium and information content partnerships. “Those who do deals with us will have an opportunity for monetization.”

    ..Those with channels on [YouTube] now include Hollywood Records, Hilary Duff’s label; the YES Network, a New York-based sports television network;, a home-improvement site; and the Ford Motor Company.

    Mr. Hoffner said a small team at YouTube had been busy courting partners. He would not describe the specific financial terms of the deals — nor would the partners — other than to say they typically involved splitting advertising revenue between the content owner and YouTube. For now, that sort of revenue is small.

Of course, YouTube in 2007 has also been talking about ways to split ad revenues with anyone who uploads content.

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