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Monday, December 04, 2006

From NPR's `Talk of the Nation': YouTube's Amateur Video Revolution May Be Over

Through a really unexpected chain of events, I was asked to be a guest on NPR's `Talk of the Nation' this afternoon to discuss the piece I wrote for yesterday's San Jose Mercury News, `As online viewing booms, the amateurs give way to big media.' Twenty minutes, as usual, went by in a flash, and host Neil Conan was kind enough to mention CinemaTech and my book, `The Future of Web Video' (more than once.) We also took a few calls.

NPR has the audio here. And here's their description of the segment:

    Web sites like YouTube turned any wanna-be director with a video camera and an internet connection into a full-fledged broadcaster and has left most of main stream media struggling to keep up. But author Scott Kirsner argues in his op-ed in Sunday's San Jose Mercury News that the online video pendulum is swinging from quirky home videos back to professional grade quality.


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