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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Revver Touts its Own Verizon Deal ... Metacafe Says, `We're #3' ... Web Video and HD TV ... Online Video Sharing Quality

- Verizon Wireless will offer videos from Revver as well as YouTube on its V CAST service, according to the San Jose Mercury News. (Here's the Forbes coverage.) While Revver videos on the Web run with ads at the end, that won't happen on V CAST. But video producers will get a small piece of the licensing revenue Revver is getting from Verizon. (Revver says it'll give 50 percent of all licensing revenue to content creators.) That's cool -- and it won't be the case with YouTube videos.

- Metacafe wants everyone (but mostly prospective purchasers) to know that it is now the world's largest independent video-sharing site, and the third most-watched video site in all, behind YouTube and Google Video. (Hmmm.... where is MySpace in all this?) The viewership stats come from comScore.

- Mark Cuban muses about the problems of getting Web video from a PC onto an HD TV set.

- From DV Guru, a comparison of the video quality that each of the major sites deliver. DV Guru thinks Soapbox (from Microsoft) and are among the best.