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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Variety (and a Frog) on Just-Wrapped Digimart conference

Crazy travel day for me, flying back to San Francisco from Montreal, and trying to file a wrap-up of the Digimart conference on the way.

Nearly missed my flight, as the panel I was moderating at Digimart ran over (one of the panelists over-slept, so we got a 1/2 hour late start.) But Phillipe did an amazing job getting me to the airport; they drive faaaast in Montreal.

I wrote the piece on the plane from Montreal to bogged down at the Toronto airport trying to retrieve my bag and clear US Customs...had about five minutes of time before my flight departed to open my laptop, and discover the airport's miraculous free WiFi network, and send in my story to my editor at Variety. By the time I got home to San Francisco, it was up online (and mentioned on Digg).

The headline is `D-cinema confab eyes Web' and the subhed is `Digimart warns H'wood to speed up digital progress.'

I'm planning to post a few more notes from the conference, either tonight or tomorrow AM.

There's also a great English/French blog called "A Frog in the Valley" that has some great commentary and summaries of the sessions.


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