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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Getting Paid: Sites That Help Video Producers Make Money

As part of a panel I'm moderating today at Digimart, I wanted to post a link to a document that's still a work-in-progress: a list of sites that enable video producers to earn money from their work.

Some of these will be familiar to you (Revver, Atom Entertainment), others less so (I hadn't previously heard of Panjea). Some are geared to short-form content, and others will support selling a full-length feature. Some generate revenue through advertising, and others through paid rentals or downloads. I've tried to explain which sites demand exclusive rights to your content; all the rest are looser, allowing you to sell your stuff in multiple marketplaces. YouTube, though wildly popular, isn't on the list, since it's more of a platform for gaining exposure than making money.

My goal was to help media-makers consider their options for earning a return from their work online. I welcome your feedback, in comments here or via e-mail. This chart is part of an eBook I'm assembling about Web video that'll be available by the end of this month. (Update: the eBook is now available, and you can learn more about it here.)


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