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Monday, October 16, 2006

dotSUB: Free translation for films and videos

Coolest idea I've encountered so far at Digimart: dotSUB, a Web site that allows you to upload a video, and then have a community of people help translate it and add subtitles. They support 200 languages. Company is just getting started -- and the service is still in beta -- but it's worth a look for the concept alone.

Their model isn't to pay translators directly for their work (the co-founder, Michael Smolens, likens the site to Wikipedia, where people agree to share their knowledge pro bono.) But Smolens says that translators will get credit at the end of the resulting video, and according to the site, "Translators/checkers providing accepted translations will share in any future revenue streams directly attributable to the newly created subtitled film in a manner to be finalized after the beta test."

Filmmakers need to supply not only their film/video, but also a time-stamped transcript of the dialogue in its original language.


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