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Friday, July 21, 2006

Christie Gearing Up to Crank Out 400 Digital Cinema Projectors Per Month

Back in March of 2000, Christie was the first company to license Texas Instruments' DLP (Digital Light Processor) chip to make digital cinema projectors, and in the six years since, CEO Jack Kline has been waiting -- at times not so patiently -- for digital cinema to move into the mainstream. Now, it looks like that may be happening. From a Christie press release today:

    To keep pace with the demand, the Company's Canadian facility has already increased manufacturing capacity to meet the demand, putting it on target to deliver up to 400 units per month by the end of 2006 - a 400 percent increase in production in one year. The company plans additional expansions in the coming year as 2K-resolution DLP Cinema, the heart of the Christie CP2000, becomes the industry standard.

But 2K might not always be the industry standard. The next challenge for Texas Instruments and Christie could be developing a higher-resolution projector to compete with Sony's 4K SXRD projector.