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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hollywood & Games Summit, June 27

Here's the agenda for the upcoming "Hollywood and Games Summit," being held next month in Beverly Hills. It is being organized by The Hollywood Reporter (disclosure: I occasionally write for them) and the Game Developers Conference.

From the site: "The Hollywood and Games Summit celebrates the collaboration between the two most compelling modern art forms — film and videogames. The Summit features business and creative visionaries from both industries addressing synchronized production, who and how to pitch to the other side, capturing the movie feel in gameplay, sharing marketing buzz, and cross-pollinating production techniques (such as pre-visualization)."

Keynoting is director Paul W.S. Anderson, who made `Resident Evil,' `Alien vs Predator' and `Mortal Kombat' (none of which I've seen; I'm more a fan of the other Paul Anderson.)


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