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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Brightcove + TiVo: Getting Net Video onto the TV

The Internet is a great tool for distributing video content ... and yet the computer screen is such a bad place for watching it. Brightcove and TiVo are hoping to solve that problem for anyone who owns a Series 2 TiVo that's connected to the Internet. The two companies will deliver Net video to a TiVo set-top box. The specifics of how that will work, or timing, haven't been announced, but they're reserving the right to insert advertising in the videos, create subscription plans, or charge pay-per-view rates.

Here's the Reuters coverage and here's the Wall Street Journal story. Nick Wingfield writes:

    While most people watch video distributed by Brightcove on their computers, Jeremy Allaire, founder and chief executive of the company, said, "increasingly they want to be able to have the same programming...on set-top devices and portable devices." Mr. Allaire said the companies plan to eventually expand the number of content providers who can offer video to TiVo users.

    For TiVo, the deal is part of an increasing effort to let its customers access content on the Internet, including digital photos and videos. TiVo's primary function remains as a digital video recorder, or DVR, a device that allows users to record cable or satellite-TV signals onto hard disks. DVRs have become popular because they let users pause live television and skip commercials.

Brightcove has already partnered with companies like the New York Times and National Lampoon to supply content that you can't get on traditional TV.


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