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Friday, April 28, 2006

Llama ranchers happy that Steve Jobs doesn't have managerial ambitions at Disney

Apple CEO Steve Jobs says he'll stay focused on that company - and that he'll be spending less time focusing on Disney than he did on Pixar, now that the cg-animation firm has been acquired by The Mouse.

From the Associated Press:

    "I think there are people that can do a better job at that than me," Jobs told The Associated Press on the day the Disney-Pixar acquisition was announced. "My interest is really just being on the board and helping Bob [Iger] make this combination super successful and helping him in any other way he asks me to."

    Jobs' remarks Thursday were good news to George Caldwell, owner of a llama ranch in Sonora, Calif. and a longtime Apple shareholder.

    "It was reassuring to hear that he was going to spend more time at Apple," Caldwell said. "I'm issuing a buy order to my friends now."


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