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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

`Journey to the Center of the Earth': First digitally-produced 3-D movie?

Brendan Fraser will star in a remake of `Journey to the Center of the Earth,' which'll be shot with a digital 3-D camera.

It's not exactly the first movie to be shot that way (I'd guess that Jim Cameron's `Ghosts of the Abyss,' released in Imax theaters, deserves that distinction), but certainly it'll be the first full-length feature film. 3-D releases so far have consisted of animated movies such as `Chicken Little' and `Monster House,' which were produced for 2-D release and converted to 3-D at some expense ($5 million to $10 million, I'm told).

I'd expect that there will also be a 2-D version of `Journey' distributed on film, for all those theaters that don't have digital projectors...Production starts in Montreal this summer.


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