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Friday, March 31, 2006

`Superman Returns': First live-action Hollywood release in IMAX 3-D

Audiences watching `Superman Returns' in IMAX theaters will behave a bit like Clark Kent, wearing glasses for some sections of the movie, and taking them off for others. IMAX and Warner Bros. have decided to convert about 20 minutes of the movie into 3-D for the movie's IMAX run. A special cue will instruct audience members when to put on their glasses and when to take them off. The release date is June 30th.

IMAX is using its "proprietary" 2-D to 3-D conversion process with the movie, not the "Dimensionalization" process that In-Three has demonstrated. (Seems like there's a lawsuit pending between the two companies over patents. Here's a timeline of the legal dust-up.

The IMAX Web site doesn't yet include anything about `Superman' in 3-D.

Also: CNN Money notes that IMAX is for sale, and that two of the possible buyers are Time Warner and Sony.


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