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Monday, September 12, 2005

Cams for Kids

DV Guru has the first news I've seen about Vidster, an $80 digital video camera produced by your friends at Mattel.

The product doesn't seem to be for sale yet, at least on Amazon, and oddly, a search on Vidster at the Mattel Web site produces nothing. Is this product the toy world version of vaporware?

Gizmodo had an item on Friday.

Seems like Hasbro has its own $80 cam, called Vcam Now, which you can pre-order from Amazon - though it hasn't been released yet.

(Note - that last link is a crass product placement, connected to my Associates account. But also note that the image at right is of Mattel's Vidster, not Hasbro's wonderful Vcam. Furthermore, not that I've used neither of these two cams.)