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Friday, August 12, 2005

TiVo + Internet = Infinite choice

The AP reports that TiVo and the Independent Film Channel are involved in a pilot project to offer several of the IFC's shows over a broadband connection - some even before they air on TV.

Greg Sandoval writes, "A group of customers were asked to take part in the test and those who chose to participate will begin receiving the IFC shows next week, said TiVo spokesman Elliot Sloane."

Later in the piece:

    No one yet has found a way to overcome key technological hurdles, such as finding a speedy way to pump two-hour movies through broadband, or convince Hollywood that it can profit from Internet broadcasts.

    Still, broadband connections are picking up speed, and are moving closer to becoming a reliable delivery method for broadcast-quality video. Should the day come that video is downloaded at the touch of a button, some of the stakeholders in the sector foresee a vast video universe of endless variety