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Sunday, August 28, 2005

A proposal: Cell phone blocking

Was talking with some friends this morning about an annoying habit: the way lots of people in a movie theater audience feel that it's OK to talk on their cell phone, as long as the actual feature hasn't started. In Miami a year or so ago, I had someone sitting a few seats down from me who placed a call during the previews. Call me old-fashioned, but...

Here's a proposal from my pal Paul English's blog about installing cell phone blockers in movie theaters and restaurants.

And here's an older piece from that talks about how jamming works, and notes that in the U.S., the FCC has made it illegal to use a cell phone jammer.

My favorite jamming related story involves the restaurant Prezza, in Boston's North End. I noticed once that my cell phone signal, which was fine outside on Fleet Street, vanished completely inside the restaurant. Later, someone told me that the building that houses the restaurant was once an Italian men's social club - and the interior had been lined with lead to interfere with bugs.


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