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Friday, May 27, 2005

Fill 'er up

Next month, a company called DVD Station will start selling movie downloads at its network of 14 kiosks, for consumers with PlayStation Portables, iRiver Portable Media Center devices, and the next generation of Palm handhelds. This'd be like a gas station for your video iPod - a place to fill it up with content; no details yet on pricing, or whether you are renting or purchasing the movie.

We'll have to see how eager consumers are to watch movies on portable devices. I think there will be significant demand in the 30-and-under demographic; but Hollywood doesn't like the idea of anyone watching its product on a screen the size of a domino, and so the industry tends to understimate consumer demand.

Also, as an aside - who on earth can build a business around a chain of just 14 kiosks? Have you seen one of these?


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