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Saturday, October 11, 2008

iPhone App Helps You Manage Film Consumption

Noah Harlan writes to let us know about his new Film Calculator application for the iPhone. It costs $2.99. What does it do?

    Length & Time Converter: This function allows the user quickly convert length to time and vice versa for a variety of film stocks and speeds. Choose from Super-8mm, 16mm, 35mm or 70mm stocks and preset frames per second rates (12, 24, 25, 48) or enter your own. Then enter the time and you'll get the length or enter the length and you'll get the time.

    Hard Drive Storage Calculator: Select a format and enter a time and this function will tell you how much hard drive storage space you need. Dozens of formats are included. Contact us to request more!

    Script Supervisor's Assistant: This function provides a stopwatch that counts both time and length. Select the stock and frame rate and then operate this like a regular stopwatch. Saves scripty's from having to use a calculator at the end of each take. Always know exactly how much you've shot on a reel!

Is it funny (or just realistic) that there's an iPhone app to help you manage your analog film consumption?

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  • Kodak have a similar film calculator on their site. It's in Flash however and won't run on an iPhone.

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