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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yesterday's 'Silicon Valley Goes Hollywood' Panel in San Francisco

The TechCrunch 50 conference in San Francisco this week featured a panel on the relationship between Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Speakers included director Joss Whedon, Michael Yanover from CAA, Chris Henchy from FunnyOrDie, and Stan Rogow of Gemini Division.

- NewTeeVee coverage

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Liz Gannes' coverage in NewTeeVee quoted Whedon as saying:

    The excitement that’s being generated right now really exists between the creative people and the public. As far as Hollywood, the great giant studios, I think they’re just trying to figure it out. They come to it with this great enthusiasm, how can we use this to not pay people, and how can we control all of it. There’s a huge bifurcation between what made YouTube and Funny or Die, and what people in studios are doing trying to create a successful television show where you pour in millions and you get back millions.

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