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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Peter Broderick on Old World vs. New World Distribution

Peter Broderick has written a great piece called "Welcome to the New World of Distribution."

What's important is that it urges filmmakers who believe that traditional distribution is broken -- and are finding it hard to figure out how they'll earn a return -- to try something different. The new world can be dangerous, and there aren't safe routes to success. "But for all the obstacles and dangers," Broderick writes, "there are unparalleled opportunities." One of the best: controlling your own destiny.

The chart at right is from Broderick's piece.

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  • I sitll find it all fascinating. And as soon as someone predicts the death of something, another model quickly evolves to take its place. Nature abhors a vacuum after all.

    One thing that continues to strike me is the supposed "glut" of content. But again, I walked out of the Blockbuster empty handed last night. It seemed that every 3rd "new release" was a low-budget hack horror film (I love horror, but have been burned too many times by such derivative fare). So, I checked out the listings on my parents' pay-per-view service. Again, abysmal selection. I couldn't find a single film I wanted to watch.

    The problem is not the glut of content. It's the stupidity of the old-guard in getting that new content to a consumer like me with $5 burning a hole in my pocket.

    Find a way to get all the content to the right niche audience, and suddenly you will never have enough good content.

    Blockbuster has to be as smart about choosing videos for its shelves as the content creators are in making good stuff. Because the days of force-feeding are over. I want selection, but I want help with my selection. The future is a a number of bigger versions of of "No Fat Clips" ( with exceptionally curated niche films for easy download.

    By Blogger Helena Handbasket, at 4:02 PM  

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