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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Internet Marketing Seminar for Filmmakers in L.A.

What do you think of this seminar on Internet marketing for filmmakers, being offered in LA next month?

"Discover The SECRETS of Selling Your Film Online!" they promise. "Build a HUGE List of Loyal Fans. Create a Website That Motivates People to BUY YOUR FILM. KEEP THE MONEY YOU MAKE While Maintaining Creative Control. Leverage the Power of 'Joint Venture Partners' to Sell THOUSANDS of Copies of Your Film."

Sounds like the right stuff to be doing... but I'd not heard of Marc Rosenbush before, or his one movie, 'Zen Noir,' which won awards at the Rhode Island Independent Film Festival and the DC Independent Film Festival in 2004. This is the first time he has offered the seminar. It costs $997.

They offered me the chance to earn $100 for every CinemaTech reader who registers. I decided to pass on that deal. But if anyone does go, perhaps they'll e-mail me with a report...

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