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Monday, September 29, 2008

In Variety today: TiVo comes to the PC

Here's a short piece of mine from Variety this morning: TiVo functionality is coming to the PC, for $199.

    The Nero LiquidTV/TiVo PC is a $199 package of hardware and software that will enable a PC user to watch cable, satellite, or digital broadcast content, pause it while it’s playing, or record it for later viewing.

    "This is the TiVo experience without the need for a set-top box," said Richard Carriere, president of Nero AG Americas. "This is acknowledging the fact that mainstream consumers are ready to enjoy their media in a very fluid manner — any time, on any device."

I do note, though, that watching live TV on PCs, while it has been possible for a while, hasn't yet taken off with the mainstream.

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