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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jimmy Fallon Will Use the Web to Test His New Late Night Show

This fall, former 'SNL' star Jimmy Fallon will use the Web as a proving ground for his new late night show, before he replaces Conan O'Brien on NBC, according to the New York Times.

Bill Carter writes:

    ...The entries will not constitute anything like an entire hour-long show. “I expect that we’ll do something like five or 10 minutes,” [producer Lorne] Michaels said.

    But he said they most likely will be on every night, to try to establish the rhythm of a nightly show. And he said, “I’m going to post them at 12:30 every night, so people will begin to look for Jimmy at that time.”

That's a really cool idea -- especially if the online version starts to build a community of viewers who can contribute their ideas (like guests they'd like to see), their feedback, and maybe even their jokes.

My Boston VC friend Mike Hirshland has some additional commentary,

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