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Monday, May 19, 2008

Spielberg Concedes He May One Day Have to Shoot Digitally...

...but he hopes it isn't soon.

From some Chicago Tribune Cannes coverage:

    "Making a film on celluloid," [Spielberg] said, is a threatened mode of expression.

    "Digital cinema is inevitable. It's right around the corner. And someday," said Spielberg, "even I will have to convert."

The official Cannes site has a slightly longer Spielberg quote that offers some more nuance:

    "The film is being released digitally on a lot of screens, about 300. Making a film digitally and releasing a film in the same digital process gives a beautiful image. It creates an extraordinarily clean, sharp image, but making a film on celluloid - as I’d like to do with all of my pictures –then transferring, releasing it, and projecting it digitally is a very inferior image. So the decision to go out to a vast number of motion picture theatres was a simple decision for me to make. But digital cinema is inevitable, it’s right around the corner and even someday I will have to convert, but right now I love film.”

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