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Sunday, May 25, 2008

NY Times Talks to Sloss & Cinetic

The NY Times runs a feature today about John Sloss and Cinetic Rights Management.

Brooks Barnes writes:

    John Sloss is one of the top sales agents for independent films. Mr. Sloss, 52, has handled the sale of such diamonds in the rough as “Little Miss Sunshine,” the perky 2006 film about a family traveling to a children’s beauty pageant. He sold the $8 million project to Fox Searchlight for $10.5 million, setting a festival price record that still holds.

    Now Mr. Sloss and his New York company, Cinetic Media, are rolling out a new business called Cinetic Rights Management. The executive and his team — he just hired Matt Dentler, the highly regarded director of the South by Southwest film festival — will act as sales agents for filmmakers who have been left on the sidelines. And here is the twist: The goal is not exhibition in theaters but rather distribution via the Internet and other growing delivery routes like cable on-demand services.

    The idea is to create value for that other 90 percent of independent movies [which don't get picked up by distributors], or at least for a good chunk of them.

Article doesn't get deep into the specifics of deal terms, which I've covered here and here.

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