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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jaman Tries Ad-Supported Streaming

Jaman, the Silicon Valley movie marketplace geared to indie content, is introducing ad-supported streaming this week. That adds a second revenue stream to Jaman's business model, which was originally built atop selling downloads and rentals of films.

I don't think this is a surrender, indicating that downloads and rentals aren't working for Jaman, but it has undoubtedly been a challenge for the site to get visitors to hand over their credit card information... and ad-supported streaming makes it easier to simply start watching a movie that looks half-way interesting. Jaman will offer 100 ad-supported titles to start with.

Here's the TechCrunch coverage ... and the official press release.

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  • Hi Scott ... lots happening it seems in Cannes and the Jaman announcement is interesting. There will be other ad streaming announcements in the next few days (I understand) and it looks like this area is heating up. I don't think this is "giving up" on selling DVDs. IndiePix expects to be part of the "streaming" bubble right now and we don't view that as giving up; we view that as advertising and customer acquisition. Plus we may get paid.

    The developments at Cannes are interesting, but tell me how they are different from the world as it used to be. But the world is different -- as I wrote in my post on the IndiePix blog at here and I don't think these acquisition and/or invetment programs are part of the difference.

    I owe you a note on financing indie films at IndiePix, and I'll get you that in a couple of weeks when we have our announcement in place.


    By Blogger bob in ny, at 6:48 PM  

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