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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

'Cult of Sincerity': First Full-Length Feature to Premiere on YouTube

'Cult of Sincerity' is the first full-length film to debut on YouTube. ('Four Eyed Monsters,' you'll recall, played the festival circuit and in independent theaters before it showed up on the 'Tube.)

When you watch the full-length version on YouTube, there's a lengthy, infomercial-like intro that explains that, if you sign up for an account on the music site, the filmmakers get $2. (You'll also get two free songs from AmieStreet.) If you actually buy a $3 credit on AmieStreet to get more music, you get a free downloadable version of the film.

Here's how co-director Adam Browne describes the movie in an e-mail he sent to me (and presumably, other bloggers):

    “The Cult of Sincerity” is an off-beat look at life after college. It’s a comedy for (and of) the twenty-something generation of hipsters, flakes, and fakes. With that in mind, we decided to bypass the festival circuit and take the film directly to our audience. The entire film can be viewed free of charge on YouTube. In the spirit of truly independent film, we pulled a lot of favors, pooled a lot of resources, and kept our budget as tight as possible. We had to use all the new resources and technologies available to young filmmakers to make it happen, and we’re continuing to do so by pioneering this new way to distribute (we may actually make money by giving our movie away for free!).

The trailer is here.

Here's the full-length version:

Finally, more background on the YouTube deal:

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