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Monday, January 28, 2008

Avid demo from Sundance

While at Sundance last Wednesday, I got a quick demo from Avid employee Matt Feury of a new feature they've got in their MediaComposer editing system called ScriptSync. It lets you link your shooting script to the material you shot, so you can click on a line of dialogue and then examine each of the takes you're working with.

I shot some video of the demo, which took place in the shadowy confines of the New Frontier on please excuse the lighting. (It was edited with the iMovie, the editing tool I use most...)

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  • I have to file this one under "that is entirely amazing!!!! ... wait, could I really use it."

    I suspect if your people don't use the script as a rough guide, and the actors actually use the lines reasonably close to script and don't diverge, then it's a bit of a godsend and will make things a lot easier. Otherwise, you might be kind of screwed.

    But I definitely can get behind anything that makes clip management more than just hoping you get the right stuff logged in the right way on paper somewhere along the line.

    By Blogger Jason Scott, at 12:10 PM  

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