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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Monsters, Aliens & IMAX

DreamWorks Animation says it will release a trio of 3-D movies that will be among the first to take advantage of IMAX's new digital 3-D projection system, starting in 2009.

From the press release:

    The IMAX 3D releases will include 'Monsters vs. Aliens' in March 2009, 'How to Train Your Dragon' in November 2009 and 'Shrek Goes Forth' in May 2010. A fourth DreamWorks Animation title, 'Kung Fu Panda,' will be released in IMAX’s 2D format in June 2008. The IMAX 3D titles are expected to be among the first presented with IMAX’s digital 3D projection system, which is scheduled to be launched beginning June 2008. This is IMAX’s first multiple 3D picture deal with a Hollywood studio. The 3D titles also will be simultaneously released to conventional digital 3D theatres. Paramount Pictures will be the exclusive distributor of the pictures.

Here's the Dow Jones coverage of the deal. From that story:

    [IMAX co-CEO Richard Gelfond] added that DreamWorks and Imax had talked about various film projects before, but the timing never worked out. "Since we had so much lead time here, and they're so committed to their 3D strategy, it just made sense for both of us to do a deal at this time," he said, adding it was Imax's first multi-film deal.

    DreamWorks had planned to release the original "Shrek" movie in Imax 3D in 2000, but the idea proved to be several years ahead of its time. The release was cancelled due to financial issues gripping Imax and the exhibition industry back then.

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