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Monday, November 05, 2007

AMPAS on Archiving

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just issued a report on archiving digital material. From The Hollywood Reporter's piece:

    We are already heading down this digital road ... and there is no long-term guaranteed access to what is being created," said Milt Shefter, who is the project leader on the AMPAS Science and Technology Council's digital motion picture archival project. "We need to understand what the consequences are and start planning now while we still have an analog backup system available." In fact, the council already has identified instances where digital content could not be accessed after only 18 months.

Variety also has coverage. David S. Cohen writes:

    The document, distributed to a variety of filmmakers and decisionmakers with a letter from Academy prexy Sid Ganis, calls for industrywide cooperation in creating storage and archiving systems that are even better than film, and in establishing unified standards for what is archived and how.

Hmmm... no sign of the document on the AMPAS site. Why not share this report openly, so that we can all work together on solutions?

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