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Sunday, November 18, 2007

3-D Revival Story in Wired, Focused on 'Beowulf'

Wired Magazine used to be the place you read about trends and new technologies it often seems like they're chasing stories a year or two after the mainstream media.

In the current issue, Frank Rose realizes that:

    More than 50 years after its first run, 3-D is staging a comeback — this time in digital hi-def. Once a nausea-inducing fad, it's now touted as the biggest gun yet in Hollywood's ever-growing arsenal of f/x. When Beowulf comes out in November, it will premiere on nearly 1,000 3-D screens — the most ever.

It includes quotes from two of Hollywood's biggest proponents of 3-D filmmaking, James Cameron and Steve Starkey (Bob Zemeckis' producing partner.)

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