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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quick links: 3-D, WGA blogging, Kerner Optical

Just about to head out for a packed day of meetings in San Francisco.... so some quick links:

- Gregg Kilday of the Hollywood Reporter covers a panel on digital 3-D moviemaking in South Korea, which includes some interesting thoughts on how filmmaking methods may change:

    Filmmakers working in 3-D are likely to favor longer shots, [Matthew DeJohn of In-Three] said, since in 3-D, "you can look around (in the frame) and every image is more interesting than a 2-D image." There will probably be less rapid editing, so that the viewer can take in all the information on the screen, and filmmakers will also have to consider the "question of breaking the edge of the frame."

- WSJ has a story about a blog that's proving to be an important window into the Writer's Guild contract talks. From the piece:

    The blog,, is showing the ways in which the Internet can become an important public sounding board in union negotiations that largely take place in private. Run by screenwriters Craig Mazin, who co-wrote "Scary Movie 3," and Ted Elliot, who co-wrote "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," the blog is watched by both Writers Guild of America leadership and the studios as a gauge of opinion among the guild's 12,000 voting members.

    Hollywood is looking for signals of how strongly guild members feel about a strike. After months of bluster, starting over the summer, negotiations for a contract between Hollywood studios and the Guild got tough last week: Some bargaining sessions collapsed and the union set a strike authorization vote deadline for Oct. 18. It seems an unscripted writers' strike in Hollywood could happen sooner -- perhaps by the end of this month -- rather than later.

- Great piece in fxguide about Kerner Optical, the model shop that spun off from ILM. This is the first comprehensive piece I've seen on what they're up to.

- I'm excited to add two guest speakers for my workshop this Thursday on digital distribution and marketing: Alex Afterman of Heretic Films and documentary filmmaker Jim Kerns.

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