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Monday, August 20, 2007

Rave is largest chain to go all digital

Last February, UltraStar Cinemas in Southern California was the first chain to put digital projectors in all their booths.

This month, Rave Motion Pictures, headquartered in Dallas, is claiming that it is the largest chain to add digital projectors to all of its projection booths (so far).

From the press release:

    All 427 screens at 27 stadium theater complexes, located in eleven states, will now feature state-of-the-art AccessIT (NASDAQ: AIXD) systems and DLP Cinema® projectors from Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN). This represents one of the largest overall deployments of this revolutionary means of presentation and constitutes the biggest percentage adoption of any chain in the world to date.

    Access IT systems enable all feature films to now be exhibited in JPEG2000 via their satellite delivery systems or hard drive download. DLP Cinema® technology then displays that image onto the screen with amazing clarity and vibrancy. Unlike the traditional 35mm presentations, there is absolutely no degeneration of image as the engagement progresses.

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