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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tools and Resources for Video Creators, from Metacafe

This seems cool: a new area on the vid-sharing site Metacafe called Metacafe Studio, which offers all sorts of tools and resources for video creators, including a production school.

Here's the full list of new features on the site, from today's press release:

    · Production School - Tips including over 50 instructional videos covering all topics of video production from lighting to editing

    · Production Resources - Directory with links to hundreds of the best resources available to online video creators, including copyright-free music, editing software, special effects tools, stock video footage and more

    · Producer of the Day - Spotlight on highly-ranked Metacafe creators and their most popular videos

    · MetacafeUnfiltered - Video series hosted by Will Video for Food’s Kevin Nalty and featuring profiles of Metacafe’s most interesting video creators

    · Producer Rewards Showcase - Access to all submissions to Metacafe’s Producer Rewards program, with an interactive leader board displaying top earners from each week, month and all-time

    “Metacafe already offers producers the most inclusive and lucrative payment program in the online video industry,” said Erick Hachenburg, Metacafe’s CEO. “Now, Metacafe Studio improves producers earning potential by providing them with a clearinghouse of information designed to help producers of every skill level improve their videos, get exposed to the largest possible audience and reap the rewards.”

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