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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

'Four Eyed Monsters' on YouTube: $23,000 So Far just put out a press release with some info on how well 'Four Eyed Monsters' is doing on YouTube. (Earlier post is here..) You'll remember that YouTube is hosting the full-length feature, and that Spout is paying the filmmakers $1 for every new user who signs up for their online community. It'll be available until August 15th, and the upper limit on Spout's generosity is $100,000.

From the release:

    The campaign has raised $23,644 to date and will continue through the YouTube run.

    "In one week on YouTube, Four Eyed Monsters was seen many times over by more than the amount of people who saw it in two years of traveling to over a dozen film festivals and self-distributing the movie," says Arin Crumley, co- creator of Four Eyed Monsters.

Actually, with YouTube, I'd note that you may know how many people started playing the movie -- but I suspect the site hasn't shared data with Arin about how many people watch 10 minutes of it, or the whole thing.

(So far the movie has racked up 500,000 "views"... but as with all YouTube content, it automatically starts playing when you visit its page.)

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