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Monday, June 11, 2007

For your analysis: Most popular indie fare on Amazon's Unbox

I think I've posted this list before -- a run-down of the 100 most-popular CustomFlix downloads of independent content on Amazon's Unbox service. But I wound up talking about this with a friend at dinner last night -- what sort of "long tail" content people will pay for online -- so I went and took another look today.

The top-seller is 'The Gentleman's Guide to Seduction,' a 30-minute instructional video for guys who'd like to do better with the ladies. (On Amazon's primary list of video downloads, it is actually doing better than studio movies like 'Fast Food Nation' and 'For Your Consideration.')

Also in the top 10: the feature film 'Intentions;' the doc 'Bookwars,' about Manhattan's homeless booksellers; doc 'The History of BSD Software'; feature 'The Guardian' (not the one with Whitney and Costner); and 'Introduction to Qi Yoga.'

One problem I've noticed -- with a lot of CustomFlix content, the sample video is basically the opening credits rather than a trailer, which doesn't give you a great sense of what the movie is about. Same isn't true for studio releases.

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  • Scott,
    It would be more usefull if there was any information on how many times each item sold. "Gentleman's Guide..." maybe #1 only because it sold 10 and the second one sold only 9.

    By Blogger Sproketz, at 6:07 PM  

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