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Friday, June 08, 2007

Canadians Not Worried About Internet TV, Eh?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

What the "Future of Television in Canada" report actually says is that the Internet and television will "settle into a co-existence with one another as they evolve to fulfill different roles." Linear TV may be best for live programming like sports, while on demand will work best for movies and niche content.

Here's some coverage from the Hollywood Reporter and from The Globe and Mail. The report was issued just ahead of the Banff World Television Festival, which begins this weekend.

You can download the report, prepared by the Nordicity Group, here.

- Two other notes on upcoming events...

Looks like there will be a great crowd at this coming Tuesday's Apple Store event in San Francisco, where I'll be talking about 'Digital Distribution for Film and Video.' What's especially cool is that there will be a few filmmakers and video producers in the crowd, as well as some representatives from sites that support digital distribution; we'll hear from them a bit during the session, and then hopefully there will be schmoozing at a nearby bar afterwards. It's June 12th, 7 PM at the Apple Store in Union Square.

I'll be moderating a panel June 27th in San Jose at the Web Video Summit, focusing on production values. It's called "Lights, Cameras, Sound: How to Get Great Results." It's a topic I'm very interested in, and I'm looking forward to it. On the panel are Barry Braverman, author of "DV Shooter," Alex Lindsay, founder of Pixelcorps, Jennie Bourne from, and Chuck Olsen, a vlogger and correspondent for "Rocketboom."

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