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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Roy Disney invests in 3-D company

Roy E. Disney's investment company, Shamrock Holdings, is putting $50 million into Real D, the Calfiornia company that has installed 3-D projection gear in more than 700 theaters, according to the LA Times. From the press release:

    “The Shamrock Capital Growth Fund looks for exceptional opportunities among key domestic media, entertainment and communications companies,” stated [Shamrock managing director Stephen] Royer. “The 3-D market is at a point of explosive growth, with the rapid adoption of REAL D’s technology by leading theater owners combined with a strong commitment from the studios and an expanding pipeline of 3-D content in production. We believe that REAL D, as an industry leader, will continue its successful brand expansion, and we look forward to facilitating their continued success in energizing the 3-D marketplace,” Royer added.

The next two big releases for Real D are Disney's 'Meet the Robinsons,' at the end of March, and Robert Zemeckis' 'Beowulf,' in November.

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