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Sunday, March 18, 2007

From the NY Times: Downloading Cinema

The NY Times has a package of three stories in the arts section, all focusing on movie downloads. They are:

Nothing ground-breaking here. In fact, here's my summary:

- In the future, there will be thousands of movies in downloadable form to choose from. Film critics like A.O. Scott are fretting about their role in that environment of boundless options (IE, how can a lone movie critic watch all that stuff on your behalf?)

- Downloading movies is slow and complicated.

- Directors still dream of having their movies distributed to theaters; they're not yet devising new kinds of movies, or new distribution plans, for this downloadable universe.

-, a download site devoted to indie cinema from around the world, must have a heck of a PR person -- the site is mentioned in all three articles.

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  • well they're in trouble with #3. my short film was designed from the beginning to be primarily watched dvd. widescreen tv would be better than standard - but dvd nonetheless. that's why i was content to shoot 720p.

    and im perfectly fine with my next feature being seen the same way. d2p2p or d2dl is not going to have the same stigma as d2dvd in the future.

    there will always be a place for the theatre but it's dominance, even in the mind of filmmakers, is diminishing.

    i know im on the vanguard here (my younger co-worker is still enamored of film), but im not alone. im sure the mumblecore group share this view.

    By Blogger deepstructure, at 2:51 PM  

  • The reason Jaman is credited is that it does it right in many regards.

    - focus on cinema in the traditional sense, no clips
    - delivers in HD
    - works with existing distribution channels and agreements, films are available on a per territory basis. Filmmakers with available rights can make them available via Jaman.
    - good payment options, free first rentals in many cases, reasonable rates other than that.
    - The player and site are solid and slick.

    By Blogger Tommy Weir, at 4:35 PM  

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