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Monday, January 29, 2007

YouTube to Do Revenue-Sharing With Users? ... 'Future of Web Video' interview

- Chad Hurley of YouTube apparently said at Davos that YouTube was planning to start sharing revenue with users, though he didn't give any specifics. Here's the LA Times coverage. And here's a video interview with Hurley from Davos. Hurley apparently sat on a panel at Davos, along with Bill Gates, Caterina Fake of Flikr/Yahoo, and the CEO of Nike, discussing Web 2.0. The Reuters headline afterward focused on Gates, not Hurley: 'Internet to revolutionize TV in 5 years: Gates.'

- Brian Alves, who produces a weekly podcast called The DV Show, interviewed me last week about my book 'The Future of Web Video.' The result is here. Among the questions he asked:

    - How can you make money from web video?
    - What is the best format to deliver video over the web?
    - Is the price of producing video for the web cheaper than traditional production costs?
    - What websites offer money for your video?
    - Where is web video going?


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