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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vidmeter: `We aim to be the Billboard 100 of online videos'

The site Vidmeter just launched earlier this month; its goal, like The Internet TV Charts, is to track what people are watching online. But Vidmeter seems to be sampling a wider range of sites, including Metacafe, Revver, YouTube, and Google Video. Neither of them, it's important to note, seem to have much data about videos that people are watching via iTunes,,, etc.

From Vidmeter's site: "...we aim to be the Billboard 100 of online videos. Vidmeter will show industry watchers what's hot, it will show producers how their videos are doing, it will show advertisers where to buy and how their ads are doing, as well as show avid watchers the latest videos."


  • Yeah I mean what Vidmeter is doing is great and all, but all it's really accomplishing is charting and ranking the really crap content that's out there.

    Yes, the crapness of the content and the fact that it ranks highly might be an indication of what the general public deems as interesting or worth their time, but shouldn't there be a better way of filtering out the crap and make way for the more interesting, more tasteful video content out there.

    I mean, there has to be something better than "Star Wars Fan kicks Punk's Ass" floating around the web...

    By Blogger The_Martinez, at 11:08 PM  

  • Apparently advertisers should be staging a SuperBowl-style deathmatch around the months-old clip 'Cheerleader Accident' then. And that's fine.

    One would think that, without any real comment or editorial analysis, without a Billboard to contextualize a Billboard-like video chart, a site that simply collates view numbers has a little less value than Vifmeter would like to believe.

    By Blogger Mark Day, at 12:37 PM  

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