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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Guide to Quality Net Videos: The Daily Reel

The Daily Reel is a new site (or at least new to me) that seems to be trying to cull some of the best-quality video on the Net (of the non-stupid, non-reliant-on-scantily-clad-women). Here's how they explain their mission:

    With all of the recent buzz surrounding web video, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a good movie online. If you search for quality content, you’ll likely become overwhelmed with nipple slips, lip syncing and not-so-funny home movies.

    ...We have assembled a team of film and television critics, pop culture commentators and online mavens from traditional and online media to find the best broadband videos out there. Our contributors come from The New York Times, Variety, The Village Voice, Filmmaker Magazine, The Austin Chronicle, and more.

They also seem interested in tracking news about digital distribution and user-generated video from other media outlets. And there's a daily top ten list of videos, based on user ratings.

I especially like the better descriptions of videos than you see on most sites, and also the info on budget, cast, and crew. (Here's an example.)


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