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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking back, looking ahead

Looking back at 2006:

iFilm has this list of the worst movie trailers of the year.

And Screenhead has this list of the year's worst box office flops.

Looking ahead at 2007:

The LA Times has some fun predictions about what's going to happen in the worlds of media and technology.

And the Wall Street Journal looks at the turkeys that are usually released in January and February. Kate Kelly writes:

    Increasingly, the first two months of the year have turned into the dog days of moviegoing, replacing August as the season most likely to be populated by potential stinkers. Fresh from the push to get both Academy Award nominees and holiday blockbusters off the ground, the release calendar is dotted mostly with forgettable commercial fare and niche-targeted pictures. None of 2006's top 20 movies, for example, was released during January or February, but losers like "Annapolis" and "Freedomland" were.

    This year's crop of postholiday releases includes decidedly low-brow fodder like "Code Name: The Cleaner," starring Nicollette Sheridan, from "Desperate Housewives," and Cedric the Entertainer as a janitor who gets caught up in a government conspiracy. There's also the sober-minded "Freedom Writers," featuring two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank as a struggling teacher in a rough Long Beach, Calif., high school in the aftermath of the Los Angeles race riots. In late January, "Catch and Release" features "Alias" star Jennifer Garner, an actress with a spotty track record at the box office, playing a woman who finds new life after her fiancé's unexpected death.


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