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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

True2Life: This Saturday in SF

Looks like a fun event from the Bay Area Video Coalition this Saturday: True2Life, focused on young media-makers. From the site:

    Why True2Life? True2Life is a unique gathering of industry and government leaders, educators, community service providers and young people. This one-day, special event has been crafted to showcase youth as cultural producers and the Bay Area as a model in linking youth to community and industry change.

    Who's coming? Digital industry gurus, educators, government, youth, community organizations, artists, animation pioneers, musicians, funders, and futurists. Be part of the discussion—the entire day will be documented by youth production crews and podcasted to 24 million viewers by PodShow!

Execs from PodShow, YouTube, AOL, and Grouper will be there to panelize.