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Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday links: `10 Items,' 3-D `Nightmare,' Mo-cap news & more

- Morgan Freeman's new movie `10 Items or Less' will debut online only two weeks after it shows up in theaters, via Clickstar, a joint venture of Intel and Freeman's Revelations Entertainment. Big question now is how many theaters will be willing to show `10 Items' as a result of the short theatrical window.

- From Broadcast Newsroom, an interview with producer Don Hahn about the conversion of Tim Burton's `Nightmare Before Christmas' from 2-D into 3-D. The re-release happens October 20th; the industrious Michael Coate has compiled a list of theaters in the US and Canada that will be showing `Nightmare' in 3-D.

- The NY Times reported yesterday on some new motion capture technology from Image Metrics that doesn't require dots/markers on an actor's face. (This on the heel's of July's mo-cap breakthrough from Mova.)

- This cheap camcorder looks like it'd be fun, and it makes uploading clips to a Web site simple.

- The New Yorker has finally discovered YouTube. But I couldn't resist linking to their piece, because it includes the actor Crispin Glover -- and it was well-timed, running in the magazine the week that YouTube was snapped up by Google.

- Now, I'm heading over to the Digimart conference here in Montreal...


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