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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Warner Bros. TV establishes Studio 2.0

Cool move by Warner Bros. Television Group. They're setting up a unit called Studio 2.0 to develop original live action and animated content for the Net and mobile devices, according to The Hollywood Reporter. From the piece:

    Whereas broadcast networks have largely concentrated on digital extensions to its series content, WBTVG will focus Studio 2.0 on generating wholly original material that will be marketing-friendly -- and in some cases featuring brand integrations -- and intended for any number of new platform providers, from Yahoo! to Verizon. Another group, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, will secure distribution for Studio 2.0 content.

Should we translate the term "marketing-friendly" to mean spineless and safe? That doesn't seem to be what attracts people to content on the Net, whether it's political satire or the profanity-laden video shorts on

More from the piece:

    Studio 2.0 does expect to derive some content from the talent, writers and producers in the WBTV roster, as well as scouting for new sources of material.

    WBTVG will continue to maintain a separate group to spearhead extensions to series content for digital platforms under Lisa Gregorian, WBTVG executive vp worldwide marketing.


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