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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday news: AccessIT hits 1000 screens... PJ on Xbox ... Warner cuts online division

- AccessIT's Christie/AIX subsidiary has installed its 1000th digital cinema system in the US.

- Director Peter Jackson has agreed to "create content" (note they didn't say "produce games") for Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console. From the AP story:

    "I don't want to classify it as a game. I'm hoping to stretch the definition of interactive entertainment to go beyond the game," said Shane Kim, a vice president in charge of Microsoft Game Studios.

    Kim acknowledged that he was not sure what exactly these new "entertainments" might be.

    Whatever they are, Kim said they could include deeper plot lines and more interactive drama with additional content available over time, perhaps through the company's Xbox Live online service.

    "It's about making interactive entertainment a mainstream form of entertainment," Kim said.

- Warner Bros. is shuttering its online division, created in the 1990s. But most of the employees will be moved over to WB Digital Distribution, and, as the story points out "original digital content for the Web will [still] be produced under the studio's TV and movie units." About 19 jobs will be eliminated, though.


  • Games and Movies and merging together. Will everyone not leave their homes in the future?


    The Yellow Monkey With No Ring

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